How Powerful Are Your Favourite Crystals & Coloured Stones?

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Whether you’re spiritual or just curious, many people are fascinated in learning more about healing crystals. The power of gemstones and the power of coloured stones is not proven by science. However, throughout history, many cultures have valued each of these beautiful gems and believed wearing them carries a lot of symbolism.

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In the meantime, here’s some great information on crystals for beginners.



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Most people are familiar with rubies – their deep, red hues symbolising passion are hard to miss. But did you know that they are also thought to have represent a whole host of virtues?

Rubies are valued by cultures worldwide, representing nobility, spiritual vitality, purity, and overall wellness. As a protective stone, a ruby may bring happiness to your life. In addition, rubies represent life. Aesthetically like colour of blood, the stone may have the power to align energy in the body – just like blood carries oxygen to all areas.

Perhaps the best thing a ruby can do for us is show us love. That’s why it’s cherished on occasions like Valentine’s Day.


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If you’re looking for a coloured stone that symbolises hope and happiness, peridot is a refreshing choice.

Different belief systems have different thoughts about why it’s such a positive stone, but they all seem to agree it wards away negativity.

Many believe that wearing peridot helps to keep you in control of your own destiny. The Ancient Egyptians literally believed that peridot is made of exploding stars – so it’s no wonder it helps you shoot for them!



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With their celestial blue tones, sapphires are said to have an innate ability to calm the mind. They’re also heavily associated with the divine, symbolising hope and faith. As a crystal of wisdom, sapphires can aid in learning. They’re also used to combat ill wishes and fraud.

Sapphires offer spiritual insight; with lore telling of everything from prophecies to the ability to heal chakras and protect from black magic.

Many cultures revere these crystals, from the Ancient Greeks, to Hebrews to Buddhists. All have used sapphires in some form when seeking answers and enlightenment, so they could aid in your own spiritual or religious practices.


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Tanzanite is another blue crystal known for aiding psychic powers and spiritual exploration. In fact, its vibrational energy is thought to aid in all aspects of communication, including with higher realms!

At work, it will help you be practical in providing solutions where you’ve preciously felt frustrated or like nobody is listening to you. It can also help with keeping you calm when faced with change.

Finally, tanzanite is wonderful for those tasks with interpreting emotions. If you are a therapist or simply someone empathetic or intuitive, Tanzanite allegedly aids the compassionate, uniting the heart and mind.


Amethyst jewellery available on our website

In ancient times, amethysts were worth more than diamonds. It’s the stone of St. Valentine, which means it represents things associated with love. It’s a crystal stone also associated with dignity and creativity.

One of the most surprising properties of amethyst is its use in promoting sobriety. This is because it’s named from the word “ametusthos”, or “not intoxicated”. It’s supposed to prevent overindulgence in general and keep you grounded.

In Greek mythology, the wine god cruelly wanted someone to be devoured by tigers. Unfortunately, they struck a beautiful maiden as she was on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. She sought protection from the goddess and was turned into a white crystal. Regretting his actions, the wine god poured wine over the crystal, which is supposedly why it has a beautiful, purple hue.


Morganite jewellery available on our website

This pretty, peach-pink stone reminds us a little of a sunrise or sunset.

As a crystal, it represents love, peace, innocence, healing and compassion. In fact, it is attuned to the heart chakra, with abilities to rid you of stress and anxiety.

Wear morganite and you’ll feel a lightness to your spirit. In fact, it can even show that you’re receptive to love and attract your soulmate – or, deepen the relationship between you and the love of your life.


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The word “opal” means “precious stone” in Sanskrit. It features in lots of fascinating myths and stories, associated with gods and goddesses of Romans, Indians and Ancient Greeks.

It is thought to be a protective stone, but also one that can spark creativity. The way opals refract light mimics fire dancing, which conjures images of joy and happiness.

If you seek to learn the truth, opal can help. It’s revered throughout Europe for symbolising purity and hope.


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Natural citrine appears on a spectrum from honey to dazzling yellow. Said to be the coloured stone of manifestation and imagination, it’s often used by people who are serious about meeting their goals. The crystals are rumoured to energise intention and personal will into action.

They have an energy of their own, and as such, they are among the few crystals which never need to be “cleansed”. Their inherent power is in self-transforming negative vibes into more positive ones.

If you often find yourself unmotivated but you’re serious about willing your dreams into existence, citrine is the stone for you.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz jewellery available on our website

Our third blue stone is meant to harness the energy of the mind. This means it’s a fantastic crystal for knowledge.

For those working on complex projects or goals, blue topaz can help you be more articulate and distinguish between what’s worthy and what’s just white noise.

It is for this reason that blue topaz is amazing for attuning people to their inner selves, which may manifest in psychic abilities, spiritual healing or even getting rid of things that are toxic.


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Both classic and classy, pearls are the gems of the ocean, coveted worldwide for the luck and protection they offer and wealth they imply.

Thought to symbolise wisdom, the wearer represents an individual who has strived to gain experience in a range of areas.  Wearing pearls is also said to bring calm, helping you to emanate serenity.

In general, those who wear pearls are admired – it seems like they have their lives in order. Traits associated with such individuals include purity, integrity and loyalty. If gifting someone with pearls, it’s because you want the best for them.


Of course, these crystal meanings are just for fun, or based upon ancient myths. Nothing contained in this blog constitutes medical advice – the power of crystals is so far unproven by science. However, some scientists do believe crystals do genuinely work in terms of a “placebo effect”.

So, if wearing coloured stones make you feel more positive – or even just more beautiful – then go for it. Shop our range of crystal jewellery on the website.